Focused Medical Reimbursements

Batia Healthcare Solutions in York, Pennsylvania, helps you receive a maximum return on all your possible medical reimbursements. When you hire our company to review your charge master, you will never lose the opportunity for a reimbursement again.

Optimizing Your Charge Master

The key to attaining all the reimbursements your company deserves lies in an accurate charge master. Every hospital must keep this important document, where it lists all the services rendered by your facility. Your revenue and medical codes are found in this document, and that's where we come in.

Improving Your Ability

Too often, hospitals and clinics lose out on reimbursements due to incorrect modifiers on the charge master. As a result, hospitals aren't charging enough, or aren't charging correctly. We provide all the training necessary so that your staff is better able to recognize these errors and fix them. Our team helps you differentiate and append all the modifiers used to identify services, from bilateral to pre-operative.

Accurate Reviews Available

Of course, we are always here to analyze your charge master. We review your documentation and determine how you can attain the highest possible reimbursements.

Contact us in York, Pennsylvania, and get the most out of your medical reimbursements with the help of our experienced team.